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tankless water heater

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FREE Tankless Water Heater Repair Diagnostic- $77 Value

$77 Value

Is Your Tankless Water Heater Not Working? What you get from asap plumbing solutions




  •  ASAP ENSURES 100% SAtisfaction on all repairs and installs

undergound plumbing pipe repair

underground water leak repair plumber available same day

Our plumbers are trained to respond available to repair water leaks on demand. Emergency plumbing is our specialty, you can rely on us for a Rapid Plumbing response. Underground leaks, wall leaks and slab leak experts. During a plumbing emergency where water supply is disrupted we Guarantee to work until water supply is restored. Our Plumbing knowledge and experience makes us the best option for your plumbing service needs. 

Plumbing Services in Southern California

Reliable and dependable plumbers for all your needs. You are our priority. We offer all residential plumbing and heating services. All water supply systems should have an isolation valve. Wether residential plumbing or commercial. Meaning a shutoff between the water meter and your house water supply entry. If you have an old gate valve it should be replaced. Most gate valves don't adequately shut off water since the rubber components wear out over time. We have options to replace these with new valves that last much longer due to the design. New ball valve style water shutoffs don't use rubber components that wear down over time and due to hard water. Pressure regulators are also an important aspect of any plumbing system. Pressure can surge from the incoming city supply causing damage to plumbing and fixtures. This damage usually goes without notice but causes problems with plumbing later. Having a pressure regulator can prevent any fluctuation in water pressure. Pressure regulators are installed before water supply entry into your home or business. Call Us Today we can discuss all options available for any Plumbing problem. ASAP Plumbing services at a moments notice.

main water supply valve
underground gas leak


Over all my years performing plumbing gas repairs and installations I've developed a strategy to minimize gas down time. Troubleshooting expert plumbers near Los Angeles, CA. This title is withheld with our constant effort to be the best plumbing company. ASAP Plumbing Solutions ongoing in house training using the latest state of the art plumbing techniques; will make sure your gas leak diagnosis is right the first time. Licensed Bonded and Insured Plumber for your peace of mind and safety. Take advantage of our residential gas coupons and experience why we are the best plumbing home service providers. We work with all budgets, senior and military discounts. Financing options available. 

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Pressure regulator replacement
Hose faucet installation

Gas repair or replacement services for all of your needs. Multiple pipeline options for efficiency and longevity. We cater solutions to take care of your plumbing gas leak, we will discuss cost effective ways to repair or replace your gas pipes. Gas supply is needed for stoves, ovens, laundry dryers, heaters, and water heaters. Routine maintenance on your plumbing can prevent extensive costly repairs. In a lot of cases Plumbing problems stem from underlying issues that a plumber can pre determine. Multiple factors can change over time, causing situations to compromise elements in your plumbing. 

pex repipe
whole house water filter

Let our Plumbers give you a free estimate to install a Halo water conditioning system. We will give you an estimate on all water filters and softeners of your choice. Your Professional Plumber can adapt any filter to your water supply system. Wether you have galvanized pipes, copper or pex pipes. Residential and commercial plumbers are experienced and committed to handle any job anytime. With honest pricing and satisfaction guarantee, rest assured we will fix it right the first time. Written estimate match with the best warranty's in the industry. Stop using chlorinated water in your homes water supply system. Call us today for same day Plumbing service in Los Angeles and Orange County. Set up an appointment for a free plumbing estimate, or book online.

Water quality in Southern CA has given us no option but to filter it before introducing it into our home. If you really do your research on water quality it's a very easy determination that every home should have a means to filter chlorine and chloramines from the water. Our bodies absorb all the impurities and everything that comes in our water supply. I would highly advise on installing a water filter system to at least remove chlorine from the water, this simple step will ensure better overall water quality and feel. There are multiple filters available for purchase. Call us to install the filter of your choice. We are also glad to discuss whole house water filters that we install regularly. A filter that we have been installing for more than 15 years is a 5 Stage Whole House Filtration & Conditioning System.

1. The first stage is a Granulated Carbon that filters chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, undesirable taste, gases, odors, voc's and many others.

2. Second stage features a catalytic high activity carbon to deliver a clean fresh water taste to the water, by removing free chlorine from the water supply. Water ends up with no odor.

3. Third stage is a micro-porous structure environmentally safe media with a large surface area. The media reduces matter down to the 5 micron or less. It also is an effective method of removing water turbidity.

4. The fourth stage consists of high density granular filtration media its a high hardness media. It is known as garnet media. in the filter it provides a support bed for the filtration media, but also effectively filters down to the 10-20 micron range.

5. The fifth stage is a multi-reversing polarity permanent magnetic fields device to alter the molecular structure of positively and negatively charged ions of dissolved calcium and magnesium. The hard water minerals that would normally cause lime scale stay suspended in the water. It also will dissolve existing scale over time.

Whole house water filtration system

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