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Water pressure regulator

Leaky faucets

leaking faucet, overflowing water

When your residential or commercial faucet is leaking call us. Leaking faucets only get worse over time. Why wait to spend money on wasted water. Applying those wasted funds into repairing or replacing your leaky faucet is the most practical decision, as a homeowner or property manager. We often see a minor leak and disregard it. This is significant since our water supply systems pressure will force the leak 24/7. Sometimes we can't realize our faucet leaks. Therefore having a residential and commercial plumbing maintenance plan is crucial as a homeowner or property manager. Efficiency should be a key focus of this maintenance plan effort. Call Us Today to speak to about possible free options for first time customers. We care about the earth. We are providing FREE Plumbing Maintenance Plan Consultation for residential homeowners. 

water service

underground water meter

Hard Water

Water Quality also plays a big factor in Plumbing Leaks minerals in the water erode the pipes from the inside. Hard water causes more Wear and tear and damage to your plumbing. We are Leak Detection Plumbers. Experts at finding leaks in walls, ceilings and slabs. Whole house water filters recommended for all residential water supply. House water filter 

water main repair
underground plumbing leak

Underground water leaks

Water main and sprinkler pipes often leak without our knowledge since not all underground leaks actually surface. By the time these hidden pipe leaks surface the cost of repairing this plumbing pipe has most likely gone up. All our services include a Plumbing inspection for free. Even when we are providing a free estimate. Water leaks are a homeowners worst nightmare. We can prevent costly repairs and give you peace of mind. Backed by 20 years of experience in Plumbing and home improvement we can determine potential issues with your plumbing system. Our company cares call us today and we'll be on our way. Sirens blazing, We are happy to advise you on your plumbing problems or questions. 

LONG BEACH - Torrance - Southbay

Water leaks can cause mold, structural damage, and high utility bills. If you notice your water bill increasing call our Plumbers today. Fluctuation in water bill can be an indicator of a water leak underground. Reach out to our professional, licensed Los Angeles leak detection plumbers to assess the situation and locate the leak efficiently to prevent further water damage and costly repairs. ASAP Plumbing Solutions is your go to when you need affordable plumbing services in Southern California. We will fix all leaks or give the best options available for your specific plumbing problem. Troubleshooting plumbers near San Pedro, CA. Call us to speak to a live operator if you live in Southern California or surrounding areas such as Palos Verdes Estates, Torrance, Long Beach, Los Angeles area Plumbers. We focus on the areas we live in to maximize project time; saving you money. Budget tailored options available. Call us to discuss options fitted to your plumbing emergency or improvement. Electronic leak detection experts in your area. Our Plumbers love to find leaks and locate plumbing systems, backed by 20 Years of experience. Many jobs accomplished successfully and consistently, hundreds of thousands Plumbing and home improvement jobs completed. Professional and courteous Plumbers Licensed and Bonded ready to fix your leak same day. Affordable leak solutions, If you have a leaky faucet we can fix it or we will replace it. It is sometimes a challenge fixing old leaky faucets and shower faucets but it can be done in a lot of cases. Give us a call for a free consultation on your old leaky faucet and old leaky shower faucet. Free consultation consisting of diagnostic and explanation if repair is possible and no obligation free estimate to repair or replace your leaky shower or leaky kitchen faucet. If your faucet leaks don't wait for weeks, contact us for a free Plumbing inspection for residential customers. Commercial Plumbing customers contact us by phone or email for your low Plumbing service charge minimum (310) 627-2515. Friendly live phone operator for all your plumbing leak needs. 

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Plumbing Services

Professional home plumbing services in your area, "we live where we work"

Stop your search, we are the only plumber you'll ever need. We love a challenge and are determined to solve all your plumbing leaks. Give us a call we will answer with a live operator. Free Estimates on every proposal. 

water leak in plumbing

Plumbing leaks in kitchen faucets, shower faucets, bathroom faucets, drain pipes, and water pipes can be diagnosed and fixed by certified plumbers in Los Angeles, California and Orange, County California.

shower valve leak

Shower valve leak

Shower valve specialists can install new valves and repair all shower leaks.

Cracked Pipes

Plumbing Leak Detection 

Galvanized Plumbing?

Leaking galvanized pipe

We offer a variety of options to remove your old galvanized plumbing and give you fresh new non corrosive pipes. Don't live with low water pressure or dirty orange water. Find out solutions with your free consultation. We work with you. Personalized service proposals are our specialty. Our Plumbers will get to your residence or business ASAP. 

Galvanized pipes

Water supply plumbing systems come in a variety of different materials. The material of choice before was galvanized metal. That galvanized metal is highly corrosive therefore it doesn't make the best water supply pipe in terms of longevity. Although over the years i've witnessed a lot of old galvanized pipe still withstanding our water supply has been changing due to the evolution of bacteria and microbes. These new water quality practices will affect the plumbing pipes in your home.   


Old plumbing in our homes most of the time gets overlooked. Unless there's a plumbing emergency or a clogged drain. We can forget about our plumbing because its usually concealed by walls and floors. But plumbing isn't just about about function, because when a plumbing emergency happens there is little to no indication that its gonna blow. Therefore as a homeowner its important to understand the condition and possible problems with your plumbing. Maintenance and knowledge of our plumbing systems is imperative in avoiding costly plumbing repairs. It is also important to a homes comfort and for sanitation reasons as well. My mentors always said that "A Plumbers Job Is To Protect the health of the nation" Give us a call to schedule your plumbing inspection and let us give you knowledge of your plumbing system

If you have galvanized plumbing call us for a free no obligation plumbing inspection. Unfortunately Galvanized plumbing is antiquated and can present a lot of problems. Low water pressure is common due to rust buildup inside of the pipes. Orange dirty water coming from your faucets. Especially after a vacation when water is not constantly used. Also debris from rust particles in your water supply can clog your aerators and ultimately can damage your appliances. If you dont know about your current pipe material we can advise you after completing a plumbing inspection. All first time customers qualify for a free plumbing inspection. Call Us Today and we will inspect your Plumbing for free.

Copper water leak
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