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GAS PLumbers available in your area

Residential seismic valve installations from our Plumbing experts is as easy as calling us today. We will give you a free no obligation estimate. At our plumbing company we are flexible with cost and provide financing options. Seismic valves are important because its a safety valve meant to shutoff during an earthquake. We might not feel many earthquakes, but it's a fact in California we get thousands per year. Since it sits on the San Andreas Fault. Earthquake shutoff valves are designed to turn off incoming gas supply by using a ball mechanism to block the flow. It is meant to work at a minimum 5.0 on the richter scale. Having a gas leak in the home can be hazardous. Buildup of gas becomes a catalyst for an explosion. When disaster strikes it's always best to be prepared. Sometimes these installations can be very efficient therefore making it more cost effective. We will provide you options to save you money on your plumbing. Contact Us to schedule your free plumbing service estimate. Earthquake shutoff valves are being required for gas provided to homes and commercial multi resident properties. We are available everyday to protect your home and install an earthquake shutoff valve. Don't wait schedule today.

Seismic valve

Seismic Valve 

Gas pipe plumbers available to help with your gas emergency or if your gas was shutoff by the gas company we will work to get your gas on. Experienced gas plumbers to get the job done right the first time. When your gas is off there is no time to waste, our plumbers understand the urgency in these situations and will we work with the most effort and dedication. Very often projects are left standstill for many hours sometimes days. Rest assured the system we implement with our plumbers prevents this downtime with expert planning and execution. Hundreds of thousand of plumbing and home improvement projects completed. 

Gas leak

When it comes to gas plumbing it is always best to find the most experienced knowledgeable plumbers. A lot of people can turn a wrench but understanding the rules and regulations imposed by the authority is the difference. These rules and regulations are in place to protect homeowners health and lives. In order to achieve this we make sure our plumbers are compliant in all aspects of the law, we are your only option when it comes to a fully licensed insured and bonded plumber. Don't risk your health with subpar plumbing work. We will go above and beyond the regulations to ensure optimum function and longevity of your gas plumbing system.


gas pipe

Gas Leaks can happen anytime without notice. Knowing you can trust our Professional plumbers with your home gas supply system is having peace of mind. Your gas plumbing system is an integral part of your home comfort. From providing heat on cold days to providing hot water for showers and warm water needs. We know how important food is well stoves are powered by natural gas also. When we don't have a need for it its usually disregarded. Plumbing in general is hidden from plain sight. That makes it harder to anticipate any issues. Homeowners can experience gas leaks without notice and potential disaster from faulty gas pipes. Plumbing is our specialty and we can help you prevent costly plumbing repairs and potential property damage. Natural gas when accumulated can lead from combustion into an explosion. Our plumbers can advise you on the best options for your gas system

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Galvanized Plumbing?

We offer a variety of options to remove your old galvanized plumbing and give you fresh new non corrosive pipes. Don't live with low water pressure or dirty orange water. Find out solutions with your free consultation. We work with you. Personalized service proposals are our specialty. Our Plumbers will get to your residence or business ASAP. 

Leaking galvanized.webp

If you have galvanized plumbing call us for a free no obligation plumbing inspection. Unfortunately Galvanized plumbing is antiquated and can present a lot of problems. Low water pressure is common due to rust buildup inside of the pipes. Orange dirty water coming from your faucets. Especially after a vacation when water is not constantly used. Also debris from rust particles in your water supply can clog your aerators and ultimately can damage your appliances. If you dont know about your current pipe material we can advise you after completing a plumbing inspection. All first time customers qualify for a free plumbing inspection. Call Us Today and we will inspect your Plumbing for free.

Water supply plumbing systems come in a variety of different materials. The material of choice before was galvanized metal. That galvanized metal is highly corrosive therefore it doesn't make the best water supply pipe in terms of longevity. Although over the years i've witnessed a lot of old galvanized pipe still withstanding our water supply has been changing due to the evolution of bacteria and microbes. These new water quality practices will affect the plumbing pipes in your home.   

leaking galvanized pipes
leaking galvanized drains

Old plumbing in our homes most of the time gets overlooked. Unless there's a plumbing emergency or a clogged drain. We can forget about our plumbing because its usually concealed by walls and floors. But plumbing isn't just about about function, because when a plumbing emergency happens there is little to no indication that its gonna fail. Therefore as a homeowner its important to understand the condition of your plumbing. Maintenance and knowledge of our plumbing systems is imperative in avoiding costly plumbing repairs. It is also important to a homes comfort and for sanitation reasons, as my mentors always said that "A Plumbers Job Is To Protect the health of the nation" Give us a call to schedule your plumbing inspection and let us give you knowledge of your plumbing system. 

Copper Repipe

Copper repipes vs pex repipes. Thats the question. New age plastic or traditional shiny copper metal pipes? The most practical answer to this is tied to the financial commitment of a house plumbing repipe. In terms of efficiency and cost in our current days; pex repipe is the popular option. I'm speaking from a perspective of a plumber of 20 years. I could never accept the transition from the industry standard old trusty, strong, reliable shiny copper water supply to plastic. When pex pipe was being introduced in the plumbing service and repair industry the most common installation was mobile homes. Now the plumbing water supply is shifting to plastic for all plumbing installations. Wether its residential mobile homes or free standing, to condominium and townhomes alike its becoming more common. The conclusion i keep coming up with is ultimately its directly associated to cost. Most decisions are made based off of price. A good Plumbing professional will offer options based on the best solution, and explain in a practical manner the scope of proposed plumbing.

New Copper pipes

Copper plumbing was the official pipe of choice before. Wether for a repipe or repair. Copper was in demand due to its reputation of being strong and durable. No question copper water pipes built a reputation based of consistency and endurance. Slowly this reputation began to come into question due to pinholes causing water leaks and property damage. Underground slab leaks are also a reason copper started to become an unpopular option for water supply pipe. In comparison to plastic piping there isn't much history to depict negativity on pex pipe. But in the actual grand scope of the matter. Water quality played a big factor in conjunction with inferior installation of copper plumbing. Most of residential tract homes use a thin grade copper referred to as type M. The service and repair plumbing standard is the mid grade option of Type L copper. There are many reasons why either material can be beneficial in terms of efficiency and longevity, usually determined based on case by case basis. We can provide you the best professional advice for your plumbing repipe or copper pipe repair.

pex repipe


¿Por qué elegir las soluciones de fontanería ASAP?

Especialistas en detección de fugas y solución de problemas. Técnicos expertos pueden resolver todas sus necesidades de plomería.

Estamos comprometidos a hacer el trabajo, especialmente cuando se trata de este paquete de servicios de alta calidad. Tómese un descanso de todo su arduo trabajo y descanse tranquilo sabiendo que estamos aquí. ¡Haz clic para reservar!


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Desde nuestra fundación, hemos sido uno de los nombres más confiables en la industria. Contrátenos hoy y descubra cómo atendemos las necesidades de cada cliente, asegurando los resultados que necesita y merece. ¡Haz clic para reservar!

state of the art plumbing and heating methods to perform better in your home. Our job consists of providing the best plumbing service for your residential and commercial needs. When it comes to plumbing, drain and heating we are trusted home improvement contractors. Many times we are imitated because the the home improvement industry is very tedious and patience is not many peoples strong suit. One scenario you can walk in a crawl space and access all the plumbing in your home. Gas lines, water lines and drain lines. scenario 2 requires access under the house from an actual crawling position. Thats where our plumbing company comes to your residence and we do our best regardless of scenario. We don't turn down challenging jobs or small leaky faucet jobs. ASAP Plumbing Solutions. (APS) will be the only plumber you'll need. We will get to your problem indeed and absolutely your expectations we will exceed. Hands on approach from master plumbers sets us apart. We will ensure you're plumbing and home improvement needs are met from a customer service perspective, because plumbing and home improvement work is the easy part. Pleasing our customers is the work we consistently want to improve and strive to exceed expectations. Contact us 24/7 to discuss options for service and plumbing repair.

Copper pipe and pressure regulator

¿Por qué elegir las soluciones de fontanería ASAP?

We strive to make things hassle-free and convenient; especially when it comes to our appointment booking options. Feel free to book an appointment with us today!

Technology today allows us to perform our jobs a bit easier and more efficiently. so we offer flexible options for booking plumbing appointments. online booking, live operator call available 24/7, whatever fits your needs. we provide the best home improvement company experience you've ever seen. old values with current state of the art tools to make life a bit more manageable. everyone is on a different schedule and we want to be there. wether you need us at 11 am or 11 pm we will accommodate all schedules. reach out to schedule your plumbing service at all hours. for information and all other questions call (310) 627-2515 we are happy to help.    

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Plumbing Leak Detection 

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